Responsibility – Commitment – Sustainability

MAICURU do Brasil was founded in Florianópolis in 2021. It is a subsidiary of MAICURU Hardwoods.

In addition to the global trade of timber (sustainable timber from natural and plantation forests), MAICURU do Brasil commercializes other organic products that help communities in the region, including certain tree nuts and natural stone. Similar to our timber products, these new products also meet rigorous environmental, preservation and conservation standards.

MAICURU’s presence on both continents brings many advantages:

  • Our team with more than 20 years of experience is well connected to the worldwide customer markets and suppliers as well as to the entire logistics.
  • Inquiries can be processed efficiently and in the shortest possible time.
  • We are directly on site: for quality control as well as for checking legality/sustainability.
  • We carefully select our suppliers to ensure customer quality satisfaction.

Why buy from MAICURU?
This is what our customers say…

MAICURU container transportation

MAICURU responds flexibly to individual requests and does not just do “standard” work.


MAICURU is a reliable partner, contracts are fulfilled and the ordered goods are delivered.


MAICURU reacts promptly to inquiries and is characterized by a high reaction speed in communication.


MAICURU is quality, not only in goods, but especially in service.


MAICURU is appreciated as a trustworthy, honest, straightforward and committed partner.


MAICURU has excellent knowledge of timber, stones and Baru nuts and their markets, as well as a good technical understanding.


To be reliable, environmentally-conscient partners working in situ to provide you with sustainable natural products from Brazil.


To promote the use of timber as the only naturally renewable resource for construction and encourage the sustainable management of rainforests, particularly the Amazon rainforest, through programs such as the PMFS, hence contributing to the regional and global climate balance and fomenting a worthy future for our children and our children’s children. 

Baru nuts also help prevent the conversion of the soil to soy cultivation, as the nuts provide an income for the small farmers living locally.

Like decking, natural stone is also commonly offered by timber and construction material wholesalers to customers seeking garden and landscaping terraces and entrances as well as decorative design elements. Thanks to this unique combination, we can supply both natural materials from Brazil from a single source.


Respect and honesty

Conscientiousness and professionalism

Reliability and trust

Sustainability and transparency

Ecological and social responsibility

Partners as friends