Natural stone for indoor and outdoor use

Since the founding of our sister company MAICURU do Brasil in 2021, we have been dealing in Brazilian natural stone and forest products.

Natural stones (and wood) are the oldest building materials in the world and have been valued for centuries. We are in direct contact with over 170 quarries in Brazil, but we concentrate on a core of 15-20 suppliers, depending on the type of stone. For almost all of our partners, sustainability is a top priority: they recultivate and green the terrain after use and also use only materials from sustainable cultivation for packaging.

Types of available Brazilian
natural stones:

Natural stones for outdoor use are characterized by frost resistance. Hard rock such as granite, quartzite, etc.

Soft stones such as marble can also be used outdoors to a limited extent. However, weather-related chipping is possible.

Indoors, natural stone impresses with its robustness and appearance, whether as a floor or wall covering, kitchen worktops, in the sanitary area, and much more. Impregnation makes care even easier.

Fluctuations in color and structure are part of the naturalness of the material.A single sample cannot show the characteristics and differences in color and its distribution, pattern, structure and texture and dimensions of a larger area.

Brazilian natural stone products for various uses: