Our responsibility for a sustainable world where forests are preserved and the habitats of people, plants and animals are protected.

Our Brazilian hardwood and softwood come exclusively from sustainable forest management projects. We obtain our tropical timber from the
Plano de Manejo Florestal Sustentável” (PMFS).
These are sustainable forest management systems that guarantee legality and sustainability, preserve the tropical rainforest, and prevent deforestation and slash-and-burn practices through selective logging according to technical forestry criteria laid out by the environmental authorities.
Our plantation timber also comes from sustainable forest management.

MAICURU responsibility


MAICURU does not purchase timber from deforestation even when legal permits have been obtained. Deforestation is never sustainable.

Our conscientious,
responsible work

As an exporter, we can provide reliable proof of the origin of the timber products supplied from Brazil.

In addition to compiling and submitting the legally required verification documents we consider it our duty and responsibility to be personally convinced of the legal origin of the timber by making on-site verification visits to the suppliers and their logging areas. To this end and to enhance our due diligence on legality and sustainability, we have partnered with a company that specializes in satellite monitoring of logging areas.

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